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AAAA Attends MSRAL Convention

MSRAL 2002
June 7 - 9, 2002

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MSRAL 2002 Convention
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The Christian Association of Stellar Explorers (CASE) hosted the 52nd Annual Convention of the Mid-States Region of the Astronomical League, June 7, 8 and 9, 2002, on the campus of John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

This year's theme was "It's All About the Photons!" A fine turnout of more than 60 amateur astronomers from the Mid-States Region of the Astronomical League attended.

The convention officially began on Saturday morning with the annual meeting of the Mid-States Region of the Astronomical League. AL Executive Secretary Jackie Beucher from Kansas City gave a quick overview of the Astronomical League and the benefits it offers to clubs and their individual members.

During the rest of the day, there were numerous papers presented on such topics as Attracting Youth to Astronomy by Beth Longnecker and a special presentation by the International Dark-Sky Association. Other presentation included Public Education and Your Club by David Cater, NEO's and Other Space Rocks by Gary Hug, Design and Construction of an Equatorial Telescope Mount by Paul Spanski, and Confessions of a Binocular Fanatic by Ed Jones.

Attendees had fun at the BBQ Dinner which was held on Friday evening at the newly built Heavenview Observatory, run by the CASE astronomy club. This observatory is located only 5 miles from the convention site, on the property of New Life Ranch in Eastern Oklahoma. In addition to the good food, fun and fellowship, there was plenty of time for observing at the observatory and it's dark site. Since this year's convention coincided with the new moon, many people brought their own scopes!

There were plenty of door prizes supplied by astronomical vendors from local region. AAAA even donated some door prizes, including copies of the Astronomer’s Journal, which it has just reissued.

During the banquet on Saturday evening, June 8th, many awards and door prizes were presented. Patrick Carr, convention chairman, was designated the MSRAL Astronomer of the Year for his work not only with MSRAL but for his enthusiasm working with CASE and their new observatory, as well as the programs he runs for both the general public and students at JBU.

The banquet speaker was Dr. Paul Benoit of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Center for Space and Planetary Sciences. He presented a talk entitled "Hera and Andromeda: New Insights into the Evolution and Formation of the Solar System." Dr. Benoit is a professor in the Cosmochemistry Group at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He works on a variety of problems in space and planetary science, including the design of instruments for optical dating to be placed on spacecraft and on NASA’s Hera mission to take samples from three near-Earth asteroids.

Convention accommodations were provided in the new student dorm at John Brown University. They were very nice and inexpensive.

Convention Photos by AAAA President Ed Flaspoehler

Click on Photos for Enlarged View

Friday Night  Bar-B-Que at HeavenView Observatory

msral7.jpg (7911 bytes)
HeavenView Observatory

msral8.jpg (10415 bytes)
Signs Everywhere!

msral9.jpg (8366 bytes)
On the Observing Field

msral4.jpg (8427 bytes)
CASE President Patrick Carr Shows off Telescope

msral3.jpg (7618 bytes)
The CASE 16-Inch Refractor

Cathy Machin and Jackie Beucher enjoy Bar-b-que. John Hand strolls by as Rex eats in background

msral2.jpg (44410 bytes)
St. Louis AS Members Jim Small and John Beaury Join Marion Bachtell

msral5.jpg (43186 bytes)
"Sittin' Around 
the Ol' Campfire"

msral6.jpg (12043 bytes)
"A Whole Lot of 
Visitin' Goin' On"

Saturday Convention Activities

DCP_0053.JPG (78168 bytes)
Convention Site: 
Pat and William Walker 
Student Center
John Brown Univ.

DCP_0052.JPG (34226 bytes)
Inside the Student Center: 
Bob Haler of Lymax 
Talks to Ed Jones from Springfield, MO

DCP_0051.JPG (34803 bytes)
George Allen, Bob Allen, and Gil Machin

Dcp_0048.jpg (64216 bytes)
Rex's Astro Stuff

Marion Bachtell Strikes a Pose

Astronomical League Sales
Dcp_0047.jpg (17845 bytes)
Paul Spanski Describes 
His New Telescope Mount
Dcp_0046.jpg (19256 bytes)
Gary Hug 
Discusses NEO
msral11.jpg (6449 bytes)
AL Executive Secretary Jackie Beucher Promotes League

msral10.jpg (22451 bytes)
Proposed MSRAL Logo

Saturday Night Awards Banquet

DCP_0059.JPG (24232 bytes)
Dignitaries at Banquet: Jackie Beucher, Gary Pittman, David Cater and Patrick Carr
DCP_0064.JPG (23111 bytes)
AL Exec Sec Jackie Beucher Presents MSRAL Amateur of the Year Award to Patrick Carr
Dcp_0062.jpg (26533 bytes)
Banquet Speaker: 
Dr. Paul Benoit, 
University of Arkansas
DCP_0066.JPG (22508 bytes)
MSRAL Chairman Patrick Carr 
Addresses Banquet
DCP_0060.JPG (21907 bytes)
ASKC Member Nancy Walker wins AAAA Door Prize: The Astronomer's Journal
DCP_0067.JPG (26140 bytes)
Clive Cadle Presents 
Special Award
 to James Roe
DCP_0070.JPG (77967 bytes)
Visiting in the Lounge
DCP_0069.JPG (81384 bytes)
ASKC's Jackie Beucher and Elliot Neel from Fayettville, AR
DCP_0071.JPG (76728 bytes)
Linda Pittman and 
Beryl Cadle
DCP_0072.JPG (81034 bytes)
Carroll Iorg, Bob Allen, Marilyn Hand and John Hand
DCP_0073.JPG (78589 bytes)
John Hand, Patrick Carr, David Cater and Bob Allen
Dcp_0074.jpg (37388 bytes)
Marilyn Hand  from Tulsa
DCP_0075.JPG (76192 bytes)
Cathy Machin and Betty Iorg enjoy Clive Cadle's Alaska Photos
DCP_0078.JPG (80387 bytes)
A Room in the New Dorm
Dcp_0076.jpg (22087 bytes)
Nice Bathroom

Views of the School and Around Town

DCP_0080.JPG (24449 bytes)
Welcome to 
John Brown University
DCP_0079.JPG (25656 bytes)
Chapel in 
the Nearby Cemetery 
DCP_0081.JPG (32941 bytes)
A Local Residence
DCP_0083.JPG (23814 bytes)
The Crown Hotel, 
Downtown Siloam Springs
DCP_0082.JPG (76187 bytes)
A Bridge over 
Untroubled Waters
DCP_0084.JPG (77621 bytes)
Siloam Springs

Mid States Region of the Astronomical League (MSRAL):

2001-2002 Officers

Chairman: Patrick C. Carr
Vice Chairman: David A. Cater
Convention Registrar: Michael Peterson

P.O. Box 7981, Dallas, TX 75209-0981

Formerly Corvus.com

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